It’s only fitting that nature would be the greatest influence in Monte Voepel’s work.  While growing up, Monte was the kind of kid who was always fascinated with plants and animals, showing up at Junior High with a live lizard tethered to his shirt pocket with a string and safety pin.  Or, while in college, after a day in the woods gathering plants and a log to create a nature “happening” in his apartment, he was woken by his roommate yelling, “Hey, there’s ants coming out of that log, and they’re all over the apartment!”

Monte discovered early on that to successfully convey one’s passion in art requires skill and determination.  After a number of years working as a potter,  Monte turned his attention to exploring metal fabrication.  In New Mexico, Monte was drawn to metal art and over the years has honed his skills by attending classes and workshops, culminating in certification in aerospace tig welding.  While operating a small welding and fabrication business, Monte completed several projects in copper and came to appreciate the durability, warmth and beauty of copper.  After all, the Statue of Liberty is made of copper!

The unique copper tiles and hardware Monte Voepel envisioned required many months of designing and fabricating the required custom tooling. What started as an idea has grown to a beautiful collection of copper work, now showcased in many homes across the country.


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When in Jerome, Arizona, Monte Voepel's copper tiles can be purchased at Arizona Copper Art Museum Gift Store.