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Dragonfly Copper Mural, 15"x 15"x 1/4"

Dragonfly Copper Mural, 15"x 15"x 1/4"

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This mural consists of one, 9" x 9" tile and sixteen, 3" x 3" tiles.

These 100% copper, handmade tiles are beautiful together. 

They can be used for a backsplash mural, behind the range or even around the fireplace!  The tiles have a patina and a durable, high quality sealer.

If creating a mural, fill the backs of the tiles with Thin Set mortar.  Attach the tile to the wall and fill in between the tiles with grout.   They can be cleaned with a mild liquid dish detergent and wiped dry with a soft cotton cloth. A soft bristle brush can be used if necessary.  Do NOT use an abrasive sponge or pad.

Monte's copper tiles look stunning in an outdoor patio area.  If used outdoors, use a non-abrasive wax once a year to maintain original finish, or just let them age naturally.

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